High School Toolkit for Parents

Melanie Studer , Parenting teens Expert

Melanie Studer, Parenting teens Expert

Rachael G , Host of the Back to School Summit

Rachael G, Host of the Back to School Summit


Melanie Studer

Melanie has a BS in Education with more than two decades of parenting and classroom experience. She has worked with students preschool through high school. Her oldest two sons are in college now.

She is passionate about helping families to know their options and keeping the lines of parent/child communication open. She encourages students to expand their world through service, leadership and volunteering–”a well-rounded student makes a better citizen.”

Melanie is a wife and mom to three boys and two dogs. She is a lover of reading, teaching, and writing. She blogs for parents of teens at www.parentinghighschoolers.com