How to Deal with Parent Triggers

Dr. Lynyetta Willis , Family Empowerment Coach

Dr. Lynyetta Willis, Family Empowerment Coach

Rachael G , Host of the Back to School Summit

Rachael G, Host of the Back to School Summit


Dr. Lynyetta Willis

Dr. Lynyetta G. Willis, psychologist, family empowerment coach, and founder and CEO of Inner Pathways Coaching and Consulting, LLC, helps frustrated families connect with their highest, wisest selves and each other. Her clients and audiences learn to strengthen their parenting, partnership, and personal growth practices so they can feel harmony in their hearts and homes. Her creativity, love of imagery, and journey with countless clients led Dr. Willis to create her highly acclaimed Elemental LivingTM Model for Families and Personal Leadership as well as the Spiritual PATH for Evolving Relationships FrameworkTM.

A sought after speaker, media contributor, and author, Dr. Willis’s multi-award winning book, “My Forgotten Self:A Story about a Girl, a Powerful Encounter, and a Universal Message.” Dr. Willis lives in Georgia with her husband and their two children. You can find her at