How to end the Power Struggles without feeling like you’re giving in!

Irene McKenna,,  Peaceful Parenting Coach

Irene McKenna,, Peaceful Parenting Coach

Rachael G , Host of the Back to School Summit

Rachael G, Host of the Back to School Summit


Irene McKenna

Irene is the founder of Irene McKenna Coaching and as a parenting coach she supports moms to cultivate inner peace and awareness to create a shift in their approach to parenting that leads to peace, connection, and cooperation in her family. She passionately believes that when mom thrives child can thrive but the traditional approach to parenting leads to feelings of isolation, judgment, and failure. Kids need to be less controlled and more heard, understood and accepted as they are. She is the creator of the digital course, The Peaceful Parent Playbook and is the host of the private Facebook Community, The Moms Hive, with podcast coming shortly. You can also find her on IG with daily #mommymindset tips. Irene wants you to celebrate the mom you are today while offering you the tools, support, and inspiration to be more NOT do more.